Active Directory Authentication across an entire forest.

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Jun 24, 2014 at 3:02 PM

I configured my bugnet installation to authenticate users with Active Directory. I used this link to configure the connection
The Web.xml file has been updated to create automaticaly users when they visit the application for the first time.

I have one project configured with auto assignement for reporters.

When a user that never visit the application:
  • Its account is well created in the Bugnet user database
  • User is well assign to the group for which auto assignement is activated.
  • User is prompted to enter its credentials
  • Event if he put its credential logon is not sucessful (No error message, just go back to the authentication page).
Here is some assumptions / remark about this issue:
  • My AD Forest is composed by one root domain and several child domain.
  • AD Connection is set up with Root domain and user have the authentication issue are on each sub domains.
  • Something is wrong when the user is created: Logins seems to be OK and well formated (<Domain>\SamAccountName) but email adresse is empty.
So by configuring the LDAP with my root domain should I be able to authenticate users on child domains ?
Is authentication should be transparent for users ? (not asking to put their credentials)
Any clues about why it does not work today?

Thanks in advance,