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Nov 17, 2012 at 9:47 PM


When I go to the Administrator menu on my hosted site and try to access the Application Configuration option, I get this error:

Application Error -An error has occured in processing your request.

I do not know how to trace what is happening because when I run my local instance of BugNET, I do not receive this error (I actually get to the configuration pages). When I run my local instance I am pointing to my hosted SQL database server--so my local BugNET ASP.NET instance and the web-hosted BugNET ASP.NET instance currently are wired-up to talk to the same hosted database server instance. I am therefore quite sure that the error above has to do with the ASP.NET deployment and not the database.

When looking through the BugNET solution in Visual Studio, there are references to dbo.BugNet.StringResources (in line 7030 of BugNET_WAP\Providers\DataProviders\SqlDataProvider\ But my BugNet database doesn't have such a table or view. I wonder if that has to do with anything? I mention this because when I look for the string "an error has occured in processing your request", I see references to what looks like a BugNet.StringResources database table...

The things I'm trying to get working now are e-mails from the web server. That's why I needed to access the Application Configuration option. When I successfully accessed those configuration pages from my local workstation (using my local BugNET instance), all of the SMTP settings look good (I was even able to set up new users and a new project). But when I do something on my hosted BugNET instance that requires BugNet to send an e-mail (I tried the log-on "lost password" feature), the web page just hangs indefinitely. When I try on my local BugNet instance, Visual Studio throws a "Failure sending mail" error after client.SendAsync(message, null) in SmtpMailDeliveryServices.cs. 

Perhaps if Log4Net were properly configured I supposed I could get more details about the application error from my hosted BugNet instance cited above but I don't know if the Log4Net configuration might actually be part of the problem... 

Anyway, I feel that my installation is almost working perfectly. If I can get the configuration pages to show up on my hosted web server and if I can get SMTP mail to work then I think I will have access to all the features I plan to use.

Thank you,
-- Jon 

Nov 18, 2012 at 2:37 AM

If you turn custom errors off in the web.config you should see the proper error.

The string resources table was used in earlier versions, replaced by resx files now and new installs wouldn't run that script, just for upgrades.

Grab the latest version (released today), it fixes issues with the logging that should also help you troubleshoot the error.