Upgrade gone wrong?

Topics: Core, Installing BugNET
Jun 13, 2012 at 4:15 PM

I recently found that my installation (.152) had a bug in which the administrator was not able to edit projects once they were created (oops!). 

I decided to upgrade my installation to .161 which was supposed to has fixed that issue according to the Change Log. Now the upgrade says my app is now .161 and that the database is .152. Does that means the database wasn't upgraded? or does .161 not upgrade the database schema, just the logic?

Also, when I went on to use .161 on my installation I logged in as the administrator and it presented me with the list of projects (all private) on the system. However, when I select any of those projects to edit it, I get another page that says there are no projects for me to see.

So, in .161 the administrator can create projects but can't delete them or even edit them.

I posted an issue but haven't seen any response to it :(