Where is Bugnet going?

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May 31, 2012 at 9:19 AM

Where is Bugnet going?

We have been using bugnet for a few months now - have loaded nearly 7000 issues and we are currently using it to track the current 'milestone' with mixed success

Overall Bugnet is a step forward from our previous issue tracking system (software with brains - no longer sold or supported). Bugnet appears to have a solid foundation but fails to meet many basic requirements, eg data validation, tracking milestones.

Is there a roadmap for this project? is it the personal domain of the three core developers? Is there scope to contibute to the planning / ideas / future development of the project?

Where is the current discussion -  very little seems to be happening under the new Codeplex host..

Jun 1, 2012 at 5:41 PM


There is a roadmap on our documentation page which outlines a few objectives for the near future and further down the road.  We also have some unannounced plans at the moment and have been working on setting up our new website.

We primary integrate user submissions on our way to the roadmap goals so if there is worthy changes that could benefit everyone then they are often integrated as well.  

We very much welcome any ideas or suggestions you have or what you would like to see from the project in the future. With such a small team we can't often meet everyone's expectations but we try.

Aug 1, 2012 at 8:34 AM
A quick summary of our experience with Bugnet.

We are a small (6 people) development team developing a Windows desktop application in Delphi. We have used “Software With Brains: for many years and this was part of our day-to-day task management.
Earlier this year we started with Bugnet and converted ~6000 SWB items into the Bugnet database. I used two Bugnet projects, one for current items and on for closed items. The closed items were retained as there are often comments in the code that references the bug #.
Conversion was relatively straight forward and it was a real bonus that I could retain the original Ids.
One of the major attractions of Bugnet was the Summary page. In practice this has been a disappointment. The limitation is that each group of users has there own view on which items are Active (ie not closed).
For example developers need to know which items are ‘in development’ and do not want to see items that are further down the workflow.
Other gripes
  • Search tool does not handle NULLs very well.
  • Bulk edit fails (some issue with credentials).
  • Lack of defaults for new issues
  • Lack of data validation (‘required’ fields based on status, would be a start. Sub-lists against each status would be better).
In order to provide the team members with a view of their outstanding work, I have put together a desktop app. that uses a local SQL connection and displays issue data in a Developer Express grid. The in-built features of the grid control provide filtering and grouping and provides 90% of the functionality we required. In addition to the data access, added code to retain the layout and view selection.

This solution works well for us and I would be happy to make it available. I don’t know if these (or similar) tools exist in the Web space but you might consider this as a prototype for a Web-based implementation.
Martin Lindley
Programming Manager
CRS Software Ltd