Error CS0246 With BugNET in DNN Folder

Hello, I've unpackaged bugnet into a folder at localhost/BugNET. The local host is a DNN site and I am getting the following error when I try to run the install: Description: An error occurred dur...

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Cannot reset passwords

I am logging into the admin account. When trying to either change a password -or- reset a password using either link, I get an error popping up stating "The password could not be changed, please ve...

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Cannot add users to a project

I've created a project and went through the entire project setup wizard. At the add users/manage users screen, I'm unable to add users. When I select a username and then click the right arrow bu...

Id #182 | Release: BugNET 1.5.265 | Updated: Apr 10 at 2:01 PM by joshdrn | Created: Apr 10 at 12:39 AM by dubeaud

Defaults values for mail issues

For some fields, like category, priority, etc, I set their default values from the Defaults section of the project properties. They work fine for the Issues created manually by a user, but they don...

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Extending the Membership Provider

My users presently have a user name and password on our DNN website. I wanted to use those existing accounts with BugNET. I wrote a membership provider that would access the DNN account informati...

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Query field for progress missing

It appears the that progress field is missing from the query field selection right now. I will create a new work item to add this in.

Id #179 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 3 at 4:19 AM by Ceema | Created: Mar 28 at 4:21 PM by dubeaud

Add feature to search within a project

We have few thousands of issues in the bug tracking system which are spread across 50 or 60 projects. We would love seeing a possibility to search within comments for a specific project. Thanks

Id #177 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 2 at 4:16 PM by dlloyd525 | Created: Mar 25 at 6:19 PM by isamochernov

Category item list count is zero

For any project (and we have about a hundred) the list under the "Category (open issues)" header in the Project Summary page shows 0 as the issue count for any category. And only the unassigned cat...

Id #176 | Release: None | Updated: Mar 26 at 2:28 AM by isamochernov | Created: Mar 20 at 3:51 PM by isamochernov

AddUser page doesn't work in the twitter bootstrap UI

After switching to the new twitter bootstrap UI (uienhancements branch) I see that ~/Administration/Users/AddUser.aspx is broken because master page was removed. Parser Error Description: An error ...

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26% improvement w/ SQL indexes

I have run some SQL tuning processes on usual Bugnet daily uses from a team of 6 people. There are some indexes and statistics missing that when added can give an estimated 26% performance improvem...

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