Multiselect Category or Tag Cloud

Many Categorys have one 1-2 Issues. My suggestion on this is, to make the Category multiselect. Or add a Tag-Cloud(like blogs).

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Installation Issue in IIS6

Is it Possible to install Bugnet in II6? If it’s not possible, please let me know which Bugnet Version is suitable for IIS6 .Any help really appreciate.

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Error CS0246 With BugNET in DNN Folder

Hello, I've unpackaged bugnet into a folder at localhost/BugNET. The local host is a DNN site and I am getting the following error when I try to run the install: Description: An error occurred dur...

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Cannot reset passwords

I am logging into the admin account. When trying to either change a password -or- reset a password using either link, I get an error popping up stating "The password could not be changed, please ve...

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Cannot add users to a project

I've created a project and went through the entire project setup wizard. At the add users/manage users screen, I'm unable to add users. When I select a username and then click the right arrow bu...

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Defaults values for mail issues

For some fields, like category, priority, etc, I set their default values from the Defaults section of the project properties. They work fine for the Issues created manually by a user, but they don...

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Extending the Membership Provider

My users presently have a user name and password on our DNN website. I wanted to use those existing accounts with BugNET. I wrote a membership provider that would access the DNN account informati...

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Query field for progress missing

It appears the that progress field is missing from the query field selection right now. I will create a new work item to add this in.

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Add feature to search within a project

We have few thousands of issues in the bug tracking system which are spread across 50 or 60 projects. We would love seeing a possibility to search within comments for a specific project. Thanks

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Category item list count is zero

For any project (and we have about a hundred) the list under the "Category (open issues)" header in the Project Summary page shows 0 as the issue count for any category. And only the unassigned cat...

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