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Issue List

The issues list presents a list of issues to view, sort and export. It can be accessed via the issues menu item and is also used throughout the application on the My Issues, Queries and linked from the Project Summary pages. If there are too many columns displayed on the issue list, you can scroll horizontally via the scroll bar to see more.


The issues list provides several features described below:

Sorting - to sort the issue list, select the hyperlink header of the column you would like to sort. Select it again to sort it in the reverse direction. BugNET supports multi-column sorting so if you click one column header then another you will see the a number representing which column is sorted first.
Paging - there is often a large amount of issues in BugNET and you can page through them using the paging controls at the bottom right of the issue list to advance to different pages. In the bottom left hand size you can control how many issues are displayed per page.
View Issues - there are a number of predefined queries that you can select to filter the issues list.
Add / Remove Columns - by selecting this and checking / unchecking the options you can select which columns are displayed on the issue list. This selection is remembered in your user profile for the next time you access BugNET. If the user is not logged in (anonymous), a cookie is stored with the selected columns to display.
Export - the export button will export all pages of issues and the columns selected to excel.
RSS - this url refers to a RSS feed to monitor the issue list through a RSS reader.
Edit Properties - the edit properties selection allows you to modify issues in bulk. To do this select the issues you wish to modify in the issue list via the checkboxes, then select edit properties and set the new values you would like then save. All selected issues will be modified.

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