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Html Editor Provider

Each html editor provider inherits the HtmlEditorProvder base class and implements the abstract properties and methods. The initialize method is responsible for validating configuration options and setting the provider specific settings, this could be the skin to use or any other feature that the editor supports.


Configuring your html provider is as simple as adding a new entry in the web.config and setting the default provider.

<HtmlEditorProvider defaultProvider="FckHtmlEditorProvider">
        <add name="TextboxHtmlEditorProvider" type="BugNET.Providers.HtmlEditorProviders.TextboxHtmlEditorProvider, BugNET.Providers.TextboxHtmlEditorProvider" Height="200" Width="650"/>
        <add name="FckHtmlEditorProvider" type="BugNET.Providers.HtmlEditorProviders.FckHtmlEditorProvider, BugNET.Providers.FckHtmlEditorProvider" Height="200" Width="650" ToolbarSet="BugNET" Skin="Silver" />

Class Diagram

Below is a class diagram of how a typical html editor is constructed using the html editor provider model in BugNET.


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