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Adding and Editing Issues

To add a new issue click the new issue from the menu. If you don't see this menu item either you are not logged into BugNET or you do not have the proper permissions to create new issues. Permissions are given via the project roles and permissions pages that an administrator will have to grant you.

The new issue screen will display all drop down lists as configured by the default properties page in the project administrator page and a full rich text editor to enter the description of the issue. The new issue screen also allows you to select a file attachment to upload to the issue during creation.

The only required field on the default issue screen is the title (unless there are mandatory custom fields configured for the project)

Clicking save after selecting all the desired values will save the issue, send a new issue notification to all users that are subscribed to the project notifications, and then take you to the issue detail page. If you click save and return you are redirect to the issue list after saving the issue.

Editing Issues

To edit an issue, select an from the issue list or search and you will be taken to the issue detail page. On this page you can edit the details of an issue and save, or delete the issue.

The issue detail page offers more information about a history and its lifetime. Several tabs are at the bottom of the screen that contain more information about the issue.


The comments tab contains all the comments that users have entered on this issue and allows you to enter a new comment.


The attachments tab shows a list of attachments that have been added to this issue and allows you to upload new attachments.


The history tab shows a list of changes to this issue, by whom and on what date.


The notifications tab shows a list of users who are subscribed to receive updates when this issue is modified. A user can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves from notifications on the issue.

The notifications list can be modified by those who have proper permissions (Super user's or the project administrator's)

Sub Issues

The sub issues tab shows a list of issues that are children of this issue and allows you to add a new sub issue.

Parent Issues

The parent issues tab shows a list of issues that are parents of this issue and allows you to add a new parent by the issue id.

Related Issues

The related issues tab shows a list of related issues and allows you to add a new related issue.


When source control integration is configured, any commits to the source code repository identified with the issue id are added to the list of revisions.

Time Tracking

The time tracking tab shows a list of time logged entries for an issue and allows you to added new time entries. The sum of the time logged entries is reported on the issue detail time logged field.

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