Flag Comment as Technical and allow Show/Hide Tech Comments in Role

Topics: Customizing BugNET
Oct 29, 2014 at 11:12 PM
Feature Request.

We want both our customers and our developers/support staff to use BugNET (rather than two decoupled systems) but a critical feature, for us, to allow this would be the ability of developers/support to write comments on an issue of a sensitive or technical nature that should never be seen by the end customer/program user. Part of the reason this is so important to us is that our dev team is rather distributed, so to have one central repository where they can not only track what they are doing, but the tech info that goes along with that, that'd be great.

I was thinking just a checkbox above the 'Add Comment' (or, it could be part of the customisation where during setup you can create a list of comment types). Additionally, when setting up roles, would need the ability to Hide/Show comments of this (these) nature(s). Then I'd suggest all the comments appear as a count for an issue's comments but when clicking, only show those the user role is set up to view, but a note to say 'x comments have been hidden due to their technical nature' or some such thing.

If I get the go-ahead to use BugNET I will be adding this functionality to our own copy, and just wondered if there was anyone else out there who would find it useful.